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25 September 2012 @ 07:43 pm

I`ve had some fun with Photoshop (and yes, this time I actually used Photoshop instead of my beloved PaintShopPro9)

The original is a picture I took in our garden this summer. I´ve wanted to have some sort of, uhm, washed out, brown *ish* colors, without making it look colorless & brown *ish*.

This is the result

Before & After
*right click, open, for original size*

Goodbye summer, I hope to see you again next year

25 September 2012 @ 11:36 am

This is the latest idea I came up with. I wanted to, more or less, repeat what I did before. Just using different colors. At the end this painting turned out to be different from the previous ones.

*right click, open, for original size*

This is a 50x70 canvas. I used only 3 colors, one is a yellow, one a red, and white.

no Black, yaaa me ;D

25 September 2012 @ 11:11 am

*svala`s working*

*right click, open, for original size*

the painting on the table, is not dry yet. It`s going to take some more time until it`s dry. I`ve slapped color layer onto color layer, onto color layer.

I wanted to add a black flower on one side of the painting, it turned out to look just awefull. Then I covered the crappy try with tons of color/s, and splatter, and some more splatter on top of splatter, hehe</p>

add: this is the (by now) dry painting (the canvas is 20x20)

*right click, open, for original size*

the colors and the cracks don`t really show, but I guess you get the idea ;D

I guess by now I can say: my paintings look like my wallpaper, they are covered with splatter, bwahahahaha

uhm, yeah

25 September 2012 @ 11:04 am

Original Art

I`ve tried something new, and I like it ;D. I think I`m going to continue doing paintings likes these

the first of it`s kind, a try to see how the color/coloring works

This is a 20x20 cm canvas

*right click, open, for original size*

I`ve watered down the acrylic paint, a lot, then slapped it onto the canvas. I started working with a dry canvas, next time I`m going to use a wet canvas instead. I think this will do the trick even better.

this is the painting I did next, it`s going to be on the wall in our wintergarden. I wanted to add a *color splash* in the wintergarden, I think this painting will do it ;D (for now at least, until I`ve done something new, hehe)

this is a 50x70 cm canvas

*right click, open, for original size*

today I`ve finished the last color layer, it took three days in a total to get it done.

My new favorite word is "straw".

It`s kind of awesome to see what a straw does to the liquid colors ;D

25 September 2012 @ 10:58 am

This is a painting I`ve done during my paint workshop

I wanted to do something that doesn`t include my favorite colors (for a change), and also something that is different from what I do on a regular base, this is the result:

*right click, open, for the original size*

(the idea for the picture is from a "how to paint with acryl" tutorial book)

The base canvas is 40x60, the other two are smaller (who would have thought so? ;D), and on top of each other. This makes it look 3D

25 September 2012 @ 10:57 am

Yesterday was the first day of my abstract painting workshop. It was more of a, creative painting, do whatever you want, instead of being told what, and most of all, how, to do it.

I`m not really happy with how everything turned out to be, and I HATE the picture that came out on the other end of the workshop.

Once its dry completely, I`m gonna cover the entiere canvas in black, add some cracks and splatter, and called it a day *duh*

What I do like is how the color palette looked at the end, once the crappy picture was done. That one`s a keeper ;D

*right click, open for full size*

25 September 2012 @ 10:56 am

Original Art

During the past few days I`ve been playing some more with the acrylic colors.

The first picture is a *draft*, it`s what I got after practicing some strokes of the brush, and splatter. I didn`t really care about color, that`s why I used one (two) for all parts of the flower

*right click, open, for original size*

This is not a canvas, it`s a 20x30 cm painting paper. I`m thinking about adding some more details to this picture, but for now it`s done (it`s surposed to be a draft anyway, sooo ...)

After some playing around, I thought it`s time to get the final painting done. This is the result:

*right click, open, for original size*

This is a 30x40 cm canvas. It still needs to be signed, but I`m gonna wait a few more days until I do so.

25 September 2012 @ 10:55 am

Original art

End of Nevember 2011 we (my daughter and myself) went to a one day acrylic painting workshop. We choose to do a mix of colors and light.

This is the result of the workshop

This is a 40x50 cm canvas, and a 20x30 cm canvas. It`s a mix of acrylic paint, structur gel (?), and crack paint.

*right click, open, for original size*

This is the same picture, with the lights on.

*right click, open, for original size*

The small canvas is attached to the bigger canvas, the lights are attached at the back of the 40x50 canvas.

For christmas I made another one for my sister, in red, orange, brown and some colored glitter. But I forgot to take pictures. I try to do so asap.

25 September 2012 @ 10:54 am

Info: original art

These are two photo manips I`ve done during my photoshop class.

The base for these pictures are stock images (I`ll add the resource link asap!), the ideas for these manips are mine, the program used is Photoshop CS4

`*right click, open image for original size*

This image is called "Road To Nowhere" I`ve wanted to have something dark, but not as dark as I used to do. I thought about some of my all time favorite movies, "Mad Max", about the kind of atmosphere we get in parts of the movies, especially the 2nd movie. I wanted to *catch* some of these feelings with my picture. If I remember correct, I used 6-7 different stock images for this picture, until it (kind of) looked as I wanted it to be.

This image, doesn`t have a name. It`s a *happy accident* ;D I wanted to have the red rose, did cut it out of the original stock image, and hit the wrong button. This left me with the background without the rose. So, I took this *happy accident*, turned it into a black background, cut out the rose again (this times as it was surposed to be), added a new base layer underneath, played with the colors, added a brush, done

25 September 2012 @ 10:52 am

INFO: svala`s playing in someone else`s sandbox!

You know you watch too much tv, when you start to see fandom everywhere.

Each Saturday we have a short comic in our newspaper, it`s called "Baby Blues". it`s about a family with three little children, a mother who`s slightly insane already, and a daddy who`s going *???* most of the time because of the stuff the kids come up with.

This weeks comic almost made me spew my coffee when I saw it, right away I thought:


So, I took pictures of the comic, change the "Baby Blues" theme into SPN "FRONTIERLAND AFTERMATH", rearanged the pictures, changed the text = result

BEWARE: Silliness ahead !!!